Next Elections

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council Elections

The next local council elections are in May 2018.  We are a growing party and we are keen to contest every election at a local and national level.  You can help us contest more elections by making a donation, getting involved with our campaigns and of course, by showing your support at the ballot box!

Interested in becoming a Green councillor? Get in touch to find out more. Candidates will need to be a member of the Green Party and agree with our key policies and philosophy. You would also need to be prepared to work hard speaking to voters on the doorstep to get elected, and then commit to around 15-20 hours a week if elected as a councillor.

Local Members at an election count



We don't receive large corporate donations, and so our election campaigns are entirely funded by members and supporters.  We are incredibly grateful to everybody whose donated to our election campaigns in recent years - every donation has helped us grow as a party.

A particular thank you goes to those who made large donations to our Crowdfunder campaigns in the most recent by-election:

Mariella Reina, Craig Crowley, Richard Mallender, Huw Morgan, Lise Fontaine, Mary Smith, Tom Franklin, April Clark, Jean Smee, Jonathan Phillips, Freda, Simon Turner, Ginnie Shaw, Samadhini, Dorcas Munday, Christy Filipich, Simeon Hart, Rich Daley, Natalie Bennett, Emilie Varcoe, Herbie3, Andrew Willgoss, Bethan Thomas, Marion-th, Richard Dunstan, Bill Rigby, Roger Pakeman, Ed Cohen, Misterrron, Ross Bourne, Andy Williams, Andy Rossall, Keith Gaydon, Diana Battersby, Alan Ashworth, Jean Betteridge, Steve Wilson, Emma Leigh and Charlie Allen

A huge thanks to all of you!