Local Elections 6 May 2021

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

Click here for our candidates in the Local Elections 2021


Saddleworth Parish Council By Election

Our candidate for the Greenfield Ward is Louise Banawich who is also standing in the Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council Elections for Saddleworth North.

Click here to find out more about our candidate Louise Banawich

Election for Greater Manchester Mayor

Everyone in Oldham will have the chance to vote Green. Melanie Horrocks is the Green Party candidate 

Click here to find out about our candidate Melanie Horrocks
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How you can help

We are a growing party and we are keen to contest every election at a local and national level.  You can help us contest more elections by making a donation, getting involved with our campaigns and of course, by showing your support at the ballot box!

Interested in becoming a Green councillor? Get in touch to find out more. Candidates will need to be a member of the Green Party and agree with our key policies and philosophy. You would also need to be prepared to work hard speaking to voters on the doorstep to get elected, and then commit to around 15-20 hours a week if elected as a councillor.