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Candidates in the 2017 Local Snap General Election



Ashton-Under-Lyne: Andy Hunter-RossallAndy Hunter-Rossall at Failsworth pole


Andy, 30, is a maths teacher living in Failsworth. Andy is an active member of the community, organising regular Canal Clean Up events, arranging music for the local choir, and acting as co-ordinator of the local Green Party.
Opposing Theresa May's extreme Brexit plans Andy states, "The people voted to leave the EU, but they didn't vote to throw away environmental protections and worker’s rights. Nor did they vote to turn the Britain into a tax haven for the rich. We need strong voices in parliament fighting to keep the best bits of the EU in any Brexit deal, and committing to a ratification referendum after the negotiations."
"This election is also an opportunity to speak out for a bold new energy policy. We can keep the lights on more cheaply, create jobs and stop the planet from burning by standing up for renewable energy and opposing dangerous, polluting fracking."


Oldham West and Royton: Adam King Adam King Headshot

Adam, 29, was born and raised in Chadderton. He works for a scientific publication in Manchester City Centre. Adam is an example of a young entrepreneur, opening a successful business at the age of 23.
Adam is keen to put the environment on the agenda at this election. "I am standing to protect the local environment, defend Oldham's green spaces and speak out about the urgent need to cut air pollution."
Adam also sees the Snap Election as an opportunity to stop this government's war on low income families. "We need to stand up to this government's savage welfare reforms. Alongside heavy cuts to tax credits and benefits, Oldham has been used as a guinea pig for the bedroom tax and for universal credit. Homelessness and dependence on foodbanks is growing, and this government is to blame. We need a strong voice in parliament to stand up for the people of Oldham, and to fight for a welfare system based on support, not punishment."


Candidates in the 2016 Local Council Elections

Alexandra: Irfat Ahmed Shajahan Irfat Ahmed Shajahan, Green Party Candidate for Alexandra

I have recently become interested in local politics, and have spent time looking to find and fight for the right party with whom I share many values.

As a father of three, my wife and I want to create the best future for our children. This includes fighting for a better community - better living conditions, better working conditions and better education.

"Today's children in our community may well be our future leaders. We need to invest in our community's children today to benefit from a better future tomorrow."

Jessica Stott, Candidate for Chadderton Central

Chadderton Central: Jessica Stott

"I have only recently become interested in politics. I have been part of various local environmental groups, including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and Foxdenton & District Protection Group and I have decided it would be a good idea to get involved with my local Green Party, as they are one of the only parties that address important environmental issues. I believe that the only way we will meet out carbon emissions reduction target is if Greens gain more political power, which I hope to help them do in my area.”



Chadderton North: Adam KingAdam King, Green Party Candidate, Chadderton North

Adam grew up in Chadderton before moving to Leeds to gain a Master's degree in chemistry. At the age of 23 he moved to Asia where he owned a successful business. He now lives in Chadderton and works in the field of science as part of a team trying to find a cure for leukaemia. In his spare time he is active within the arts, plays for a local sports team and walks his dog Fred along Chadderton canal. Adam's true passion lies in assisting the youth of Oldham in achieving their aspirations.

"Oldham is full of incredible, intelligent and insightful individuals. However, Government, on both a national and local level, has failed us. What the Green Party brings is a different philosophy to life and how it's institutions are run.

"I see Oldhamers work hard every day, but this isn't appreciated by those in London, and it seems that those in local government are so focused on remembering our past, they've forgotten about our future. It is an absolute disgrace that Oldham is the most deprived town in the UK. I will work tirelessly to change this. I will bring new, youthful ideas to Oldham, providing parents the opportunity to prosper and their children the opportunity to flourish."

Chadderton South: Chris Parr Chris Parr, Green Party Candidate, Chadderton South

Chris has lived in the borough for ten years and works in IT locally.

"I believe passionately that everyone in society deserves the same chances and opportunities to achieve their full potential. I also believe that the challenges we face locally, nationally, and globally from growing inequality and the threat of climate change cannot be solved by business as usual. The Green Party is the only party offering real change, rather than the same old failed solutions wearing a different coloured tie."

Coldhurst: Saleh Uddin TalukdarSaleh Uddin Talukdar, Green Party Candidate, Coldhurst

Saleh lives in Coldhurst with his wife and family. He has a law degree from Sylhet International University, Bangladesh.

Saleh is a community activist and a freelance journalist, as well as parent governor in a local primary school.

“Both of my children attend a local primary school where I am also a school governor. I think it’s important for parents to know what is going on at their children’s school, and to have a say. I am concerned that this will stop if all schools are forced to be academies.

“Teachers should be getting more support and more resources, not having resources, like the parents time, taken away.”

Andrew Rossall, Candidate for Failsworth EastFailsworth East: Andy Hunter-Rossall

Andy lives in Failsworth with his partner Catherine and works as a maths teacher in Oldham. In his spare time Andy helps organise regular events maintaining the canal in Failsworth.  Andy is passionate about inequality and the environment.

Andy says, “Austerity is a failed experiment which is punishing the worst off for the failures of wealthy bankers. At every level of government we need to be rejecting austerity and protecting the vulnerable.”


Jean Betteridge, Candidate for Medlock ValeMedlock Vale: Jean Betteridge

Jean has lived in Oldham for nearly 40 years and brought up her children here. She was the chair of governors at her children's primary school for 20 years, and she is an active member of the community; litter picking and working with my neighbours on problems which crop up in our street.

Before retiring, Jean worked as a benefits adviser for many years; giving people advice about their legal rights, helping people deal with official procedures and challenge wrong decisions. She has campaigned against the massive cuts to legal aid and advice services which are denying people help with crucial problems to do with housing, family, benefits, employment and immigration.

"I joined the Green Party because it is the only party with the policies to build a fairer and more just society."

Royton North: Lauren Pickering Lauren Pickering, Green Party Candidate, Royton North

"I first became interested in politics when I was about 16. I was looking for a local group in my community that I could contribute to. Looking for a project opened up a whole new load of questions regarding my local community and what I have to offer to it.

"This new interest in politics found me steering towards the Green Party as it is the only party, to me, that seemed genuinely concerned with opening up equal opportunities for young people. What also made the Green Party appeal to me were their great policies regarding issues such as; housing, education, jobs and equal opportunities.

"The Green Party is the only party to take the issue of climate change seriously - a subject that I take a lot of interest in myself as I believe it is important we take the responsibility for preserving the earth for future generations.”

Jim Stidworthy, Candidate for Royton SouthRoyton South: Jim Stidworthy

Jim has lived in and around the district for over 50 years. He worked in the spinning industry, including Platt Brothers for 11 years, and then he worked for Seton Healthcare for 19 years. He finished his working life with Rochdale council and has been retired almost 4 years.

Jim has had an allotment for 25 years in Heyside where he grow vegetables and soft fruit.

Jim's family live in the area including 3 grandchildren and a new great grandchild.

In the past Jim has been an active member of Greenpeace and other local groups.

Catherine Hunter, Candidate for Saddleworth NorthSaddleworth North: Catherine Hunter-Rossall

Catherine lives with her partner Andrew and works for an insurance company. She is active with her local church, and regularly volunteers with Street Pastors. She is keen to see the next government stand up for our NHS, reversing the privatisation of health services. She is also concerned about the serious damage fracking could cause to our landscape and our health.

Catherine says, "At a national level, I believe the biggest issues our society faces are the NHS and fracking. At a local level, through Street Pastors, I have seen the impact of austerity on council youth services and on the Police, and I feel Oldham Council needs to take a strong stance to protect our local community in the face of the challenges coming from Government."

Roger Pakeman, Candidate for St James'St James': Roger Pakeman

Roger lives in Moorside with his wife, daughter and mother-in-law.  He is a keen trade unionist and he works in Bury to develop and improve opportunities for young people to do apprenticeships.  He is fully aware of the difficulties which young people face when trying to get a job and establish some independence in the current climate.

"There is a strong tradition of manufacturing in Oldham which has attracted people to work here from all over the world. Can we be confident that the jobs being generated by the Hotel Oldham complex will be paying fair wages and offer decent opportunities?"

Roger is passionate about green spaces and has been involved in the Foxdenton Protection Group as part of the Green Party's support for their campaign. He is worried about the changes to public services as an employee and as a user. His daughter attended the Kingfisher School and is now at Newbridge.

Miranda Meadowcroft, Candidate for St MarysSt Mary's: Miranda Meadowcroft

Miranda has been involved in urban regeneration and community development for 30 years, as a volunteer, as a worker and as a manager. She has experience in a range of sectors, having worked with co-operative businesses, co-operative housing and credit unions.

Miranda has worked with the UN High Commission for Refugees, and she has managed a day centre for people with dementia. She currently works in adult education.

"I have been very lucky in the work I've been paid for. I believe that everyone should be paid a decent wage, whether they love their job or not.

"The Green Party looks toward a different way of running our communities, it promotes a balanced life where people are treated with respect regardless of where they come from and what they ‘do for a living’."

Waterhead: Criona FranklinCriona Franklin, Waterhead candidate

Criona has lived in Oldham for 7 years, and is originally from Failsworth. She is a single mother of four, with three living at home. Criona has worked mainly in customer services and retail, until she decided to re-enter education in 2010. She recently finished her degree in phychology and is now studying mental health nursing.

"As a student nurse, the NHS is obviously important to me. The bursary cuts worry me - it will not only affect the number of future nurses, but also reduce access to education. Education should be a right for those who choose it."

Criona is also an environmentalist and a long time member of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF.


Werneth: Melodey WalkerMelodey Walker, Green Party Candidate, Werneth

Melodey lives in Freehold with her two daughters. Her eldest child attends a local secondary school and her youngest child is home educated.

As a parent, education and youth provision are of particular interest to her, as is the environment. She is a keen environmentalist and a familiar face amongst the anti-fracking community.

"I am really worried about the way this Government is selling off important services like the NHS, and I am worried about the acadamisation of schools. I am also worried about Fracking and the risk it poses to our water supply. It is not the answer to our energy problems. Our focus should be on clean, renewable energy."

"We need a change and the Green Party offers that."