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Candidates in the 2022 Local Council Elections

This section tells you about the different people who are our candidates and why they stand.


Alexandra: Andrea Chaverra Valencia  

Andrea 2022

Andrea, 30, has lived in Oldham for 20 years, and works as a geo-environmental engineer. She completed A levels in Oldham Sixth Form College and continued her studies at the University of Derby, gaining a degree in Geology.

When she isn’t working hard at the office or out on site work, she spends time volunteering on a local organic farm and campaigning online.

Andrea is very concerned about crime and says “More investment in education, employment, youth services and community-based policing is essential for crime prevention”.

Andrea understands the current house market, which is favouring the wealthy and not solving the lack of social housing. Andrea is very passionate about the green belt and believes we can achieve the demand for homes without building on our green spaces.

Like Green candidates across the country, Andrea will make a difference with fresh ideas; listening to people and taking action on local matters.

Chadderton Central: Jess Mahoney

Jessica Stott, Candidate for Chadderton Central

Jess is an Environmental Education officer for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. She has lived in Chadderton for 30 years.

"I have been involved with the Green party for around 6 years, and I am currently the Social Media Officer and do other bits here and there. I have always been involved with various environmental groups such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.

"I believe in everything the Green party stand for; equality, care, safety and prioritising rights of citizens and the environment over those of corporations. The areas I am really passionate about are: our environment- local and global, and the welfare of the animals that share our planet. I am standing to give my area the option of a Green candidate, the option to vote for a party and candidate that will prioritise making our community, a cleaner, safer, greener and overall a better place to live."

Chadderton North: Daniel Clayton 

As we emerge from the pandemic under the shadows of climate catastrophe and Brexit it is vital that communities are empowered to enact real change. Daniel is an artist and writer and has been an active member of the Green Party for six years. He currently holds the position of Coordinator of the Oldham & Saddleworth branch of the party.

As a councillor he would prioritise the environment and social inequality as these issues are closely related:

"The pandemic has exposed the inequalities in our society and has left many people feeling isolated and vulnerable. Meanwhile, our streets are now littered with disposable masks, jobs have been lost, and entire communities are grieving. We need community-based initiatives to help rebuild cohesion and tidy our streets. We need quality mental health services so that we can overcome all that we have lost. Ultimately, we need a Council that prioritises us."

Royton North: Lina Shaw

Lina has lived in Oldham for 20 years. After gaining her accounting qualification at Oldham College 2010, she worked locally in accounts. Now she is doing a career transition to the filed of waste management.

Lina is an active member of the community, working with the Depaul charity organisation, offering accommodation to vulnerable young people and providing guidance on what a better future could look like.

She volunteers on a local organic farm and on the project Get Oldham Growing. She is concerned about the loss of green belt land and other green areas and says: "We need more social housing, but we can achieve this without building on our green spaces."

Like Green candidates across the country Lina will make a difference with fresh ideas, by listening to people and by taking action on local matters. Lina is keen to work with community organisations to increase positive local activities for our young people.

Jim Stidworthy, Candidate for Royton South

Royton South: Jim Stidworthy

Jim has lived in Oldham for over 50 years, with a wide working experience in engineering production and maintenance, local authority street services and grounds maintenance at different levels.

Now retired, Jim is an allotment gardener and is deeply concerned with local, national and global social and environmental issues. Jim is working for a better world and future for his children, grandchildren, great grandchild and all of us.

Jim opposes building an incinerator on Mossdown Road, saying “It’s not as clean or green as it’s advertised”. He also says “If you have ever been caused grief by Oldham Council’s relentless enabling of, and colluding with, the destruction of Oldham’s green field environment, then vote for a party that you can depend on always to fight for our local green spaces. Vote Green.”

Roger Pakeman, Candidate for St James'St James: Roger Pakeman

I have lived in Oldham since 1997 and have been a member of Oldham & Saddleworth Green Party since it was set up in 2011. I work in local government and see the challenges that years of austerity have imposed on councils that face rising demand for services especially for social care, now further compounded by falling incomes and the rising cost of living.

I joined the Green Party as they have the right approach to issues facing us such as climate change, but also universal basic income, education and transport. 

I believe that Green councillors can make a major difference and that Oldham Council would benefit from our perspective.  I want to see a council that is well run, gives value for money but also will invest for a sustainable future for all its residents.  The Green Party has the ideas that will help Oldham build a new future post Covid.

St Mary's: Miranda Meadowcroft Miranda Meadowcroft, St Mary's

We are lucky in St Mary’s to have the countryside park of Oldham Edge, to be close to town centre facilities and transport.

It‘s a community to be proud of not to dump in. We need to tackle people fly tipping on our doorsteps, cars treating the area like a rat run putting children playing in danger.

I meet people all the time who are earning the minimum wage. Some are employed by companies with a council contract. As your councillor, I will insist that these companies pay the real Living Wage of £9.90 an hour. Then people in St Mary’s might be able to make more use of the long promised town centre regeneration.

If elected, I will bring council attention to the positives about St Mary’s and the things that need doing.

Isn’t it time for some more variety on the council – a bit of Green for a change?