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Candidates in the 2019 Local Council Elections

'This section tells you about the different people who are our candidates and why they stand.

Past candidates have included Roger Pakeman, Saleh Uddin Talukdar, Jean Betteridge, Andy Hunter-Rossall, David Maybury, Daniel Clayton, Lina Shaw, Jim Stidworthy, Catherine Hunter-Rossall, Miranda Meadowcroft, Irfat Ahmed Shajahan


Jessica Stott, Candidate for Chadderton Central

Chadderton Central: Jess Mahoney

Jess is an Environmental Education officer for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. She has lived in Chadderton for 28 years.

"I have been involved with the Green party for around 4 years, and I am currently the Social Media Officer and do other bits here and there. I have always been involved with various environmental groups such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.

"I believe in everything the Green party stand for; equality, care, safety and prioritising rights of citizens and the environment over those of corporations. The areas I am really passionate about are: our environment- local and global, and the welfare of the animals that share our planet. I am standing to give my area the option of a Green candidate, the option to vote for a party and candidate that will prioritise making our community, a cleaner, safer, greener and overall a better place to live."

Chris Parr, Chadderton North

Chadderton North: Chris Parr 

Chris has lived in the borough over a decade and works in IT locally.

"I believe passionately that everyone in society deserves the same chances and opportunities to achieve their full potential.

"I also believe that the challenges we face locally, nationally, and globally from growing inequality and the threat of climate change cannot be solved by business as usual. The Green Party is the only party offering real change, rather than the same old failed solutions wearing a different coloured tie."


Chadderton South: Melodey Walker Melodey Walker, Chadderton South

Melodey has lived in the borough her entire life. She is currently employed by the Co-op and has qualifications and experience in the leisure and tourism industry. She has also worked in a special education needs school.

As a parent, education and youth provision are of particular interest, as is the environment. She is a keen environmentalist and a familiar face amongst the anti-fracking community.

“I am really worried about the way this government is selling off important services like the NHS, a service I have grown to appreciate more than ever of late. And the academisation of schools is a real concern.

“I am also worried about fracking and the risks it poses to our water supply. It is not the answer to our energy problems – our focus should be on clean, renewable energy.
“We need a change and the Green Party offers that change.”

Jean Betteridge, Coldhurst

Coldhurst: Jean Betteridge 

I have lived in Oldham for over 40 years and brought up my children here. I was the chair of governors at my children's primary school for 20 years. 

I am an active member of the community. I am secretary of my local community garden and also volunteer for local projects to tackle loneliness and homelessness. I help with local canal clean ups and community litter picking and work with my neighbours on problems which crop up in our street.

Before retiring, I worked as a benefits adviser for many years, giving people advice about their legal rights, so I am used to helping people deal with official procedures and challenge wrong decisions. 

I joined the Green Party because it is the only party with the policies to protect our environment and to build a fair and just society.

Andy Hunter-Rossall, Failsworth West

Failsworth West: Andy Hunter-Rossall 

Andy lives in Failsworth with his wife Catherine. He is active in the community, organising regular litter-picks, arranging music for the local choir, and co-ordinating the local Green Party.

“I am passionate about protecting our environment, fighting inequality and standing up for public services. Government cuts have hit the poorest the hardest, and have stifled investment in renewable energy.”

“We need Green voices on our local council to put new and creative ideas to reduce our carbon emissions, and to reduce the burden of government cuts on ordinary people.

David Maybury, Hollinwood

Hollinwood: David Maybury

I have lived all my life in Oldham. I worked in a Cotton Mill from 15 years old, then as a semi-press operator and TV aerial rigging, now I am a cleaner and I'm 58 years old. I got involved in politics because I care about our blue planet home and I want to contribute to its recovery and to make it a better place for future generations. There's a lot we can do in Hollinwood to protect our local green spaces, reduce the plastic waste choking our rivers and killing wildlife and cut the air pollution damaging our health.

The Green Party is the only party you can depend on to always fight for our green spaces, for clean air and water and a prosperous and fair economy built on protecting our natural world not destroying it.


Daniel Clayton, Medlock Vale

Medlock Vale: Daniel Clayton

Daniel has been an active member of The Green Party for four years since experiencing an 'environmental epiphany' as part of the anti-war movement. He has experienced homelessness and the trials of life on Universal Credit.

His priorities this election are social justice, environmental protection and community cohesion.

"Nationally we have a government that is asset-stripping our public services and attacking our environment with reckless abandon. The NHS is being dismantled; schoolchildren are having meals taken from them; our public spaces are under constant threat of development; and austerity degrades the quality of life for millions. It is left to local government to deal with the day-to-day realities of these policies and for that reason the public deserves councillors who will stand up to and defy the government. That is what a vote for The Green Party this election will secure."

Royton North: Lina Shaw Lina Shaw, Royton North

Lina has lived in Oldham for 18 years, and works locally in accounts. She received her Accounting qualification at Oldham College in 2010.

Lina is an active member of the community, working with the Depaul charity organisation, offering accommodation to vulnerable young people and providing guidance on what a better future could look like.

When she isn’t working hard in front of a computer, she spends time volunteering on a local organic farm. She is concerned about the loss of green belt land and says: "We need more social housing, but we can achieve this without building on our green spaces."

Like Green candidates across the country Lina will make a difference with fresh ideas, by listening to people and by taking action on local matters. Lina is also keen to work with community organisations to increase positive local activities for our young people.

Jim Stidworthy, Candidate for Royton SouthRoyton South: Jim Stidworthy

Jim has lived in Oldham for over 50 years, with a wide working experience in the cotton mills, in engineering, maintenance and street services.

Now retired, Jim is an allotment gardener and an active member of local Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth groups, as well as Beal Valley Rescue. Deeply concerned with local, national and global social and environmental issues, Jim is working for a better world and future for his children, grandchildren, great grandchild and all of us.

In this election the Green Party want to revive our local communities after years of devastating cuts – Green councillors across the country are campaigning to restore the £50 billion of public money that has been taken from councils and electing Greens sends a strong message to Westminster that people have had enough of losing long cherished public services.


Shaw: Catherine Hunter-Rossall 

Catherine Hunter-Rossall, Shaw

Catherine lives with her partner Andrew and works for an insurance company. She is active in the community: running a community choir in Failsworth and regularly volunteering with Street Pastors. She is keen to stand up for our NHS, halting and reversing the privatisation of health services.

She is also concerned about the serious damage fracking could cause to our landscape and our health. Greens across the country have been at the forefront of anti-fracking campaigning, and Green Councillors have passed motions to protect their local areas from the damaging impacts of fracking.

At a local level, Catherine has reservations about the processes Oldham Council uses to approve planning permissions.  She says “the developments I have seen in recent years don’t seem to make sense: green spaces and recreational areas are being lost to housing, and many do not meet the recommended quotas for affordable homes.  Meanwhile brownfield sites are left derelict: if we invested in these instead, we could have newly renovated areas for housing as well as retaining green space.”

Roger Pakeman, Candidate for St James'St James': Roger Pakeman

I live with my family in St James Ward and work in local government in another local authority.

I am standing for the Green Party in these elections to help make Oldham meet the challenges that will confront us all in the years ahead. We need to ensure the borough’s economy becomes low carbon and sustainable whilst improving the quality of life for all residents.

I want to see higher quality education for all young people with local communities in control.  We need to build on the success of the tram line to develop an integrated public network coupled with encouraging more people to cycle thus persuading people to use their cars less.

Oldham needs more houses but not through sacrificing the greenbelt but we need homes that are affordable to all. Oldham is a great place to live but the election of Green Councillors will make it even better.

St Mary's: Miranda Meadowcroft Miranda Meadowcroft, St Mary's

I was born in Oldham and have lived in St Marys for 10 years. I came to school here before that!

I have seen a lot of changes, I love the pride shown with the Annie Kenney statue, though Im sad about the state of the market.

I love living so close to the town centre, and to friends down the road.

I work as a cover supervisor in local schools, and I can get to them quickly from here.

I talk to the students about what they want to do in the future, and many of them are not hopeful about what life will be like for them as adults.

I try to be positive and encourage them to be clear about they want to do, and seek good information and support about that.

Like the students I meet we would all benefit from accurate information which is clear to understand.  We could choose what we want to do with that information, and choose to do nothing if that’s what we prefer.

If you elect me to the council in Oldham I would do my best to collect decent information, make decisions based on that, and be clear and accountable to my neighbours and friends.

Werneth: Irfat Ahmed ShajahanIrfat Ahmed Shajahan, Werneth

I work with people locally to improve our community. For me that's what being a councillor is all about – putting people first, listening to them on what matters to them locally and taking action. I joined the Green Party because across the country hundreds of Green councillors are doing just that. Among the problems people have raised with me are support for businesses, good education for their children and finding decent, secure housing that they can afford. You can depend on me as a Green councillor to fight on these problems. 

Electing another Labour councillor won't make a difference, electing a Green councillor means new ideas, someone who will question and challenge Council decisions.