Rail Fares Rip Off

10 December 2018

2019 sees another 3.1% increase in rail fares on average. This is especially galling for passengers given this year's chaos on Northern Rail and the continuing problems with punctuality.

Letter - Walking and Cycling Strategy

10 July 2018

The end of June saw the launch of Greater Manchester Cycling and Walking Strategy “Beelines”, a plan for a fully integrated cycling and walking network covering 1,000 miles. This will mean the development of fully segregated cycleways in all 10 local authorities that will be accessed by other routes linking virtually every community.

Letter - Cuadrilla's Attack on Democracy

12 June 2018

Cuadrilla - the company behind fracking projects across Lancashire – has gone to court attempting to get a wide-ranging injunction against any protesters at the Preston New Road site.

Letter - Northern Forest

21 January 2018

New tree planting welcome, but we need to protect established woodlands too!

Green Party says ‘Support the Save Our Valleys campaign’

14 November 2017

The Green Party support local campaign group that opposes development in Thornley Brook and Ashbrook Valleys.

Andy Hunter-Rossall, Natalie Bennett and others at Anti-Fracking Demo in Blackpool

Green Party supports anti-fracking protests

14 August 2017

Local Green Party member joins anti-fracking protests near Blackpool

Letter: Greener Public Transport

30 July 2017

The government should be helping people across the whole country to switch to cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable modes of transport

Letter: School Closures

20 July 2017

Collective Spirit and the GM will close this Summer. Government policy is having a calamitous effect on our young people.

Putting the environment back on the agenda

31 May 2017

The Green Party accuse other political parties of ignoring the environment during the General Election.

The NHS Needs a Cash Injection

27 May 2017

The Green Party promises an end to privatisation and a cash injection for the NHS

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