Where now for Greater Manchester?

18 August 2020


Oldham & Saddleworth Green Party look forward to scrutinising the final draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework plan for homes, jobs and the environment.

What is the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework?

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework sets out how Greater Manchester should develop over the next 20 years. It covers protecting the environment, developing the economy, energy, business, industry, housing, transport, recreation, education and more. It identifies where development will take place in Oldham and the other 9 districts and whether it will affect Green Belt land and other protected open land.

What’s happened already

There have been two previous drafts and consultations on the Spatial Framework. Oldham & Saddleworth Green Party’s response to the last draft in 2019 included opposing the allocation of over 20 square miles of Green Belt land, including 10 sites in Oldham, for industrial and housing development and arguing for sustainable development spread fairly across the region to benefit Oldham and other towns.

We argued for the region to be carbon neutral by 2030, through improved plans for public transport and railways, strict building standards, retrofitting existing premises, encouraging more community green energy projects. We opposed increasing carbon emissions by expanding Manchester Airport and warehousing dependent on road traffic, whilst planning to build on open green land that reduces emissions by acting as a natural carbon sink. 

Where next

We look forward to seeing the final draft of the Spatial Framework which will go to Oldham Council and the other councils for discussion and approval through September and October. It will then be open for an 8 week public consultation from early November. 

We’ll be looking at how the final draft plans affect Oldham. Will the issues raised last time be addressed? Will the Spatial Framework deliver on the promise to build back greener in the wake of Covi-19? Will it recognise the urgency of the climate emergency?

For more information about the Spatial Framework and consultation see:



To read Oldham & Saddleworth response to the last draft of the Spatial Framework see:


Or email us on info@oldham.greenparty.org.uk. and we’ll send you a copy.

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