News of Wendy Olsen, General Election Candidate, 2019, Oldham East and Saddleworth

2 December 2019


News From Wendy Olsen, General Election Candidate, Oldham East and Saddleworth Constituency

November, 2019


As your Green MP I promise to protect green space and work toward a more fair and equal society.


I will engage with the planning process to protect green space. Saddleworth has been put under a threat of new housing, which means more traffic and the risk of air pollution. I favour preserving our Green spaces protecting the healthy opportunities that nature offers us. 

Your MP should be helpful. I will respond to your queries. Issues raised in Oldham East so far include heavy traffic, high train prices, and the public transport problem. I support the Better Buses campaign. I want to see integrated day-tickets for getting around.


As a Green I also think this is a Climate Election, so your vote for Green Party does count.  A wave of Green votes shows the political sea change needed. We need wind power and solar, and much more home insulation. 


Greens favour getting rid of Sanctions and ending the Universal Credit. We offer a Basic Income which helps carers and people living on a low income. We want to see more regulations to keep rents low.


As your MP I will fight for more funding for Secondary Schools in the area. It is disappointing to see schools in decline while the tax paid by millionaires and big companies is so low.


I have a track record as a peace campaigner. I vote for “Remain” but also believe in reforming the European Union.


Vote Green at the General Election on December 12. 


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