Oldham & Saddleworth Green Party says ‘Support the Save Our Valleys campaign’

14 November 2017


On Sunday 29th October members and supporters of Oldham and Saddleworth Green Party took a walk through the Thornley Brook and Ashbrook valleys. Our guides were members of the Save Our Valleys campaign who are fighting the development plans that will destroy this vital green space. Oldham & Saddleworth Green Party support their campaign and are encouraging others to get involved too.

Russell Homes propose building 265 family houses and a new link road on the land. The plans will have a devastating effect on the wildlife, including badgers, bats, deer, owls and other birds, will create air, noise, light pollution and increase the danger of flooding. The local schools and GP surgery are already full to capacity.

Little, if any, of the new housing is likely to be 'affordable' and certainly won't do anything to meet the needs of the 15, 000 households on the waiting list for social rented housing. A precious green area for the recreation of local residents will be lost along with the all the benefits for health and wellbeing that such open spaces bring.

Save Our Valleys is also fighting every step of the way to stop the proposals being railroaded through without a proper consultation with full information and no cutting short of the consultation period.

Building on a green rather than a brownfield site is bad news for all of us in Oldham, it increases the threat to green spaces across the borough, it means less trees and open areas, more air pollution and less breathing space for us all.

Find out more about Save Our Valleys at www.saveourvalleys.co.uk and on Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/saveourvalleyslees/

Support Save Our Valleys by signing their petition.

Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, emails and by talking to others.

Green Party members at the bridge at Ashbrook

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