Rail Fares Rise Despite Appalling Service

10 December 2018

2019 sees another 3.1% increase in rail fares on average. This is especially galling for passengers given this year's chaos on Northern Rail and the continuing problems with punctuality. Passengers are constantly being promised new trains, better services but we still see the same old Pacer trains on local
lines and one of the worst lines for punctuality is the one running through Greenfield Station.

We need to see the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, acknowledge his ineptitude, the companies running trains in Greater Manchester admit to their failures and the freezing of fares in Greater Manchester for 2019 as a small gesture of recompense.

The Green Party campaigns for an end to the privatised rail rip off. We stand for a state owned railway which invests all profits in infrastructure and rolling stock.

We need integration of all forms of public transport and through ticketing as per London's Oyster Card. We need to persuade people to reduce their reliance on cars, but to do this we need cheap, frequent and reliable public transport.

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