Letter to Papers - Greens Welcome New Walking and Cycling Strategy

10 July 2018

The end of June saw the launch of Greater Manchester Cycling and Walking Strategy “Beelines”, a plan for a fully integrated cycling and walking network covering 1,000 miles.  This will mean the development of fully segregated cycleways in all 10 local authorities that will be accessed by other routes linking virtually every community.

The Green Party fully supports the Commissioner, Chris Boardman, in this initiative. This is about giving the population of Oldham a real choice about how to travel by making cycling and walking more attractive. The Beelines plan will help address the urgent issues of obesity, air quality, congestion and reducing carbon emissions. Only 2% of journey in the city region are by bicycle and Beelines will mean a major increase in the coming years by enabling people to make the choice to leave the car at home for many short journeys.

This is a step change that means Greater Manchester becomes cycling and walking friendly, and healthier for all, echoing Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Whilst applauding Chris Boardman’s work there is other work needed on transport in Greater Manchester. Work is underway on the last extension to the Metrolink system to the Trafford Centre, but there needs to be a conversation on where the trams go next.  London celebrates 15 years of the Oyster Card, whilst Greater Manchester still needs an integrated ticketing system covering trains, trams and buses.  

Roger Pakeman
Oldham & Saddleworth Green Party

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