Letter to Papers - Cuadrilla's Injunction is an Attack on Democracy

12 June 2018

Cuadrilla - the company behind fracking projects across Lancashire – has gone to court attempting to get a wide-ranging injunction against any protesters at the Preston New Road site.

The people of Lancashire have made it known time and again that they do not want their countryside fracked. They don't want their air, water, land, health, roads and buildings put at risk so Cuadrilla can scrape the fossil fuel barrel, ignoring all climate science which says we need to leave the majority of fossil fuels in the ground. The County Council have voted against allowing fracking in the area, but when it comes to fracking the "desolate North" the government has undermined democracy.

First, in 2016, Lancashire County Council was over-ruled by then Communities Secretary Sajid Javid. Now, the government is considering a raft of measures, including removing the need to seek planning permission for exploratory drilling, and donating £1.6 million of tax payers money to support fracking companies.

In contrast to their support for a polluting and dangerous industry, since 2010 Tory led governments have decimated the renewable energy sector, by making planning permission harder and removing subsidies.

Injunction or not, Green Party members and many others, will continue to join the local protestors at Preston New Road, standing up for democracy, health, and our future.


Andy Hunter-Rossall
Oldham & Saddleworth Green Party

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