Adam King Speaks to Young People at Oldham Sixth Form College

22 May 2017

The Green Party candidate for Oldham West & Royton, Adam King, spoke about the Green Party’s commitments to students during a visit to Oldham 6th Form College today.

As an individual who attended school in Oldham, King spoke about the importance of young people voting and discussed Green Party pledges with new, and soon to be, voters.

Green Party pledges include:

  • Scrapping tuition fees
  • Reinstating maintenance grants
  • Continuing the Erasmus programme and matching EU funding for universities with a UK equivalent after Brexit
  • Increasing spending on apprenticeship

The Geren Guarantee costs all of these spending pledges and says where the money will come from.

Speaking about the pledges, King said:

“The Green Party is standing up for students and putting young people’s futures at the heart of its campaign. Education is a right not a commodity to be bought and sold, and we need a level playing field so everyone has the chance to go to university or college. That’s why we are opposed to the government’s privatisation and commercialisation of schools, colleges, and universities which is making access to a good education dependent on financial privilege. 

“Students need a life after the Brexit storm. They are being ignored in the Brexit negotiations, despite having the most to lose. Funding for our universities is under unprecedented threat. The Green Party will not let young people miss out on opportunities to study, travel and work across Europe because of a decision that they so emphatically voted against.   

“Academic training isn’t the only pathway for the young people of Britain. Apprenticeships are an excellent way for those who don’t wish to take the path of traditional academia. But they are under-funded and undervalued. That’s why I, and the Green Party, believe that apprenticeships should be made available for all those under 25 who want one, along with a 30% increase in spending on apprenticeships.

“Building a better future for young people is an absolute priority and we are committed to policies that will help us work towards an open, fairer society where everyone has the chance to succeed.”

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