Green Party Announce Candidates in Oldham West & Royton, and Ashton-Under-Lyne

10 May 2017


Oldham and Saddleworth Green Party will be standing two candidates in Oldham in the General Election.

Andy Hunter-Rossall, maths teacher, has been selected as the candidate for the Ashton-Under-Lyne constituency, which includes Failsworth. Andy, 30, is a maths teacher living in Failsworth. Andy is an active member of the community, organising regular Canal Clean Up events, arranging music for the local choir, and acting as co-ordinator of the local Green Party.

Adam King, a scientist, has been selected as the candidate for Oldham West & Royton.

Adam, 29, was born and raised in Chadderton. He works for a scientific publication in Manchester City Centre. Adam is an example of a young entrepreneur, opening a successful business at the age of 23.

Following their successful selection by local party members, Andy and Adam both pledged to make defending local NHS and public services, protecting the local environment, stopping the savage welfare cuts and securing a referendum on the final Brexit deal, priorities for their campaign and, if elected, their work as an MP.

Opposing Theresa May's extreme Brexit plans Andy states, "The people voted to leave the EU, but they didn't vote to throw away environmental protections and worker’s rights. Nor did they vote to turn Britain into a tax haven for the rich. We need strong voices in parliament fighting to keep the best bits of the EU in any Brexit deal, and committing to a ratification referendum after the negotiations."

Adam sees the snap election as an opportunity to stop this government's war on low income families. "We need to stand up to this government's savage welfare reforms. Alongside heavy cuts to tax credits and benefits, Oldham has been used as a guinea pig for the bedroom tax and for universal credit. Homelessness and dependence on foodbanks is growing, and this government is to blame. We need a strong voice in parliament to stand up for the people of Oldham, and to fight for a welfare system based on support, not punishment."

Both Adam and Andy would defend the green spaces in Oldham, fight to cut air pollution and push for a bold new energy policy. On the energy policy Andy says “We can keep the lights on more cheaply, create jobs and stop the planet from burning by standing up for renewable energy and opposing dangerous, polluting fracking.”

The Green Party is standing up for a new politics; a government that works for Oldham people and represents their views. We just need to vote for a positive change, and a candidate that will stand up for a better democracy.

Nick Watson, Oldham resident, will be voting Adam King.
“I’ve known Adam for many years. He’s passionate about improving people’s lives and that passion is born in Oldham. Adam is a breath of fresh air in the political candidates we’ve been forced to choose from in the past few years. He presents Green Party policies clearly and showcases their common sense approach to a Britain that works for everyone, not just the rich.”

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