What have the Green Party's Councillors across England and Wales been up to recently?

9 December 2016

We don't have any Green Party councillors in Oldham yet, but when I look at the Association of Green Councillors list of recent achievements, it makes me determined to work hard to get some!

Green Councillors have been creating extra beds for the homeless in Bristol, and battling for super-fast broadband for rural villages in Suffolk. They have been developing a strategy for a "circular economy" in Liverpool, and bringing empty homes back in to use in Sheffield.

Even in towns with just one Green Councillor, through hard work, dedication, and co-operation, Green Councillors have managed to achieve big things, such as Birkenhead's lone Green Councillor blocking the closure of a public right of way.

Check out the Association of Green Councillors full list of achievements for 2014-16 here, and help us work towards a greener future for Oldham & Saddleworth in 2017.

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