Local Manifesto

Local and General Manifesto 2019

Want to know more about what the Green Party stand for in Oldham and Saddleworth?

We are part of the Green Party of England and Wales, and you can find out all about their policies, values and philosophical basis by clicking here.

The Green Party have released a Programme for the 2019 General Election.  You can find information here.


We're also proud to have produced our own local manifesto for Oldham which you can view below, and a youth manifesto (2015), which you can find here.



Supporting the campaign against the Foxdenton development

Oldham & Saddleworth Green Party fully support the campaign against developing the green spaces around Foxdenton Lane.  We want to see sufficient housing in the borough, and we want to see jobs created, but this development is unlikely to have a benefit in either of these areas.  It will also exacerbate traffic problems on Broadway and the surrounding area and destroy one of the few remaining green spaces in Chadderton.  You can find out more about the development and the campaign by supporting the Foxdenton & District Protection Group on Facebook.